About us

Promoting gender equality in business and management positions within Mediterranean countries, thus paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive society for future generations.

Eva Díaz
CEO Euthenia

About us

What is Euthenia?

Euthenia is a community of senior executives collaborating for the development of the next generation of female executives in the countries of the Mediterranean region.

We are an advanced regional hub for collaboration between private enterprise and the talent of the Mediterranean countries.

We are transversal to all Mediterranean countries, but with a special focus on those most in need: North Africa.

We are an organization driven by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

About us

Our mission

Our mission is to transfer the expertise and wisdom of accomplished senior women executives to equip young women for their roles as accomplished leaders, fostering a successful cohort of women executives.

About us

Our values


Going beyond mere rhetoric, delving into the concrete challenges faced by women in our countries, and having a real impact in their lives.


In both media and society, to engage more woemn and attract additional resources for the initiative.


Dedicated to the mission, engaged in decision-making, flexible in efforts, collaborating as a united team, and proud to be part of this.


With institutions, public administration, and the private sector to maximize the available resources and our ability to take action.

About us

Lines of Work

We act in two axes in young women’s development to make them the executives of the future.

As Leaders

Working on personal skills required to lead companies:

  • Personal empowerment: Development of the personal skills necessary to face the barriers of bias and culture prevailing in the business environment.
  • Female leadership
  • Personal branding: Training and tools for the development of the personal brand of young women entrepreneurs.

As Executives

Working on technical capabilities that are a trend in business:

  • Sustainability: Development of managers and technical positions in sustainability and promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship and circular economy.
  • Advanced technologies
  • Entreprenurship: Collaboration and training network between the young participants in Euthenia, senior women in the community, external experts, investors and private companies.

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